Thursday, September 17, 2009

Veggie Burgers -by Susan

Today we were inspired to make veggie burgers. We found an interesting recipe at which we adjusted slightly. Go to Mushroom Veggie Burger for the original recipe.

Adaptations: We didn't have green onions or parsley in the house so we left that out. We also added an egg to try to set it better.

Description: This burger was not at all meaty and didn't hold it's shape very well before frying. The pinto bean flavors dominated the vegetables. On the other hand, the burger satisfied my craving and had an interesting blend of flavors.

Suggestions: We think that freezing the patties overnight prior to use might make them hold up better. Also, a combination of different types of beans and possibly some whole wheat flour might add some more interesting flavors and make them more solid.

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  1. Hi Susan- I'm sorry we weren't able to post your recipe review on (I don't have control over what gets posted and what doesn't!) but I'd love to include your thoughts about this recipe in my blog (with your permission and a link back, of course!). Let me know if I can reprint a few of your comments, and if you'd like me to add your photo, too. All the best,