Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lime cookies -by Susan

I was craving a cookie with less fat than a brownie (what I typically end up baking), but just as much flavor. I ended up making this recipe for Lime cookies.

I didn't have any nutmeg so I just used about the same amount of allspice which worked out fine. I didn't have any zest (just used a container of lime juice) so I just left it out.

I think these cookies were awesome, but Sanjay disagrees. They have enough lime juice to be sour so don't expect sweet sugary creations. They also take on the flavor of the spices so that caused them to be wonderfully flavorful.

The cookies were really difficult to roll into balls. I just took pinches and didn't even try rolling them until they were in the dusting bowl. The spices added so much flavor so don't be afraid to use plenty of them. The cookies taste best if they are cooked all the way through so leave them until you see the brown.

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